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Play in online tournaments

Looking for extra excitement to add to your gameplay at Casino La Vida? Fancy yourself as a competitor?

Grab the chance to participate in online tournaments, which are played in real time. We hold tournaments based on both live slots and blackjack, and the collective nature of these tournaments means that there are often huge prizes to be won!

What are these tournaments?

In a tournament, you can play your favourite casino games against other players – live! You and the other players will contribute to a central prize pool that will increase in size as more and more players join the tournament. The prize will ultimately be won by the player who has the highest Win Box at the conclusion of the tournament.

To find out how you’re doing, you can follow your position on the leaderboards, which are updated in real time.

How to take part in tournaments

  • It’s simple to take part in these exciting tournaments:
  • Download the Casino La Vida software.
  • Register an account.
  • Log back into the casino software.
  • In the Games section, select the Tournaments option.
  • You can then choose which tournaments you’d like to play in.
  • While playing, you can select an alias (name) which will be used for you on the leaderboard standings.

Types of tournaments

At Casino La Vida, these are the types of tournaments you can play:

  • Scheduled tournaments: these tournaments start at a specific time (and on time).
  • Sit ’n Go tournaments: these are tournaments that will only start when there are enough players who are willing to play.
  • One-Shot tournaments: only one round is played in these tournaments. Whoever ends up at the top of the leaderboard in the end, wins.
  • Reloader tournaments: these tournaments can be played multiple times. Similar to the lottery. Buy-in and Re-buys are minimal. No continues are allowed.
  • Survivor tournaments: these tournaments continue for multiple rounds, with percentages of participants knocked out during the tournament.

Multiplayer tournaments

  • Buy-in: You can participate in these tournaments without a registration cost.
  • Re-buy: This gives you the option to “restart” during a tournament to better your score.
  • Continue Play: with this option, you will be awarded additional play minutes, giving you the chance to improve your score.
  • Win Box Balance: All your win’s during a tournament are added to your Win Box Balance. The highest Win Box balance by a participant at the end will win.

Want to take part? Register an account today!

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