Scratch your way to fortune

Scratchcards present an insanely easy and fun way to win, and are particularly suited for those of you that enjoy casino games based purely on luck and which provide an instant opportunity to win.

Play Online Scratchcard Games at Our Casino

Scratch cards have rules that are super simple to follow and the rewards are magnificent!

Here are a few tips on how to play:

  • You will win if you match multiplier values or symbols, with significant payouts possible.
  • There are wide betting ranges available, allowing you to bet in small or larger increments, a feature that is suitable for all bankrolls.
  • Scratchcard games are available to be played across the Desktop, Browser and Mobile casinos.
  • Online scratchcards are similar to their offline counterparts, with the only real major difference being the amount of money that you can win – online scratch cards pay out considerably more!

What Else Do You Need to Know?

  • At the end of each game you will be able to automatically collect your wins.
  • The Win Box will show you how much you have won during that game.
  • Your total number of credits won is determined by the bet amount chosen.
  • In order to calculate your wins, multiply your total bet amount by your multiplier value.


  • You are only able to bet on one card at a time.
  • In order to request a new card, you must first complete your current card.
  • In order to reveal random bonus wins, you are required to match objects on the card.

Thus, in summary, you basically need to select the amount that you would like to bet, match the symbols and reveal your prize – it’s that easy! Each scratchcard game comes with a set of rules which you can access once you start the game.

Themed Scratchcards

There is a phenomenal variety of scratchcard games available – so take your pick. You’ll be enthralled and will benefit from the riveting themes and prizes on offer. These cards each carry a unique theme and a unique multiplier amount.

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