Tournaments Take Your Action to the Next Level

After you’ve been playing our world-class casino games for a while, it’s natural that you’ll begin looking for new ways to challenge yourself. One of the easiest and best ways to do this is to play in the tournaments that are available at Casino La Vida New Zealand.

Go Head-to-Head Against Other Players

When you sit down to play in a tournament, you’re given a certain number of credits and need to play a set amount of rounds within a certain timeframe. At the end of each round, the credits or points for each player are checked and only those in the lead get to move forward. This continues until the winners are determined.

Since there is no betting with your own cash during the tourney itself, they make it simpler to keep track of your finances and have the potential to award major wins for wagers of mere pennies. You can even play some of these games for free, and still win real cash!

Games Available in Tournament Format

A lot of games can be adapted to fit into a tournament format, but the most common at Casino La Vida and most other establishments are Blackjack and Pokies. No matter where you get to or how many credits you have left over when you are eliminated, you forfeit your remaining credits and can’t use them for anything except the specific tourney you were given them for.

Different Types of Tournaments

These contests can be categorised as Sit and Go or Scheduled Events. For Sit and Go options, you put your name down and as soon as enough players have signed up the game will begin. You’ll be notified of the start via pop-up window, so you can carry on gambling while you wait. Scheduled tourneys start and end at set points some time in the future; you know about them and so can plan your casino time a little more easily. If you’re very busy and need to run your betting as quite a tight ship, these are probably your best option.

The Advantages to Playing Online Tournaments

We’ve already mentioned the massive potential returns on minimal bets and easier time management, but there are other things that make playing in Casino La Vida’s tourneys a good idea. Firstly, if you’re participating in a free Blackjack contest, you can work on your moves with no risk to your finances. You also get to interact with fellow players, making the tourneys really sociable events. For a lot of people, this makes their entire gambling experience feel more genuine and you may well find yourself forging lifelong friendships with these like-minded individuals.

Ready to Try a New Challenge?

If tourneys sound like what you need to shake up your online casino routine, there’s no need to delay any longer! Check what we have available now and see how much you can win and how different it is to play this way. The fresh perspective is always enjoyable.