Enjoy Instant-Win Thrills with Sic Bo

Sic Bo is among our most popular games, and has a long and proud history stretching back to ancient China. Enjoy it in all its glory at Casino La Vida, thanks to the smooth functionality, gorgeous graphics and certified Random Number Generation that comes with our cutting-edge Microgaming software.

The Fundamentals of Sic Bo

Unlike most dice-based games, Sic Bo uses 3 dice rather than 2. This makes it a little more challenging and involved, which we know the sophisticated gamblers of New Zealand are going to like. Place your chips on the different areas of the betting table to put money on what those 3 dice will display when they are rolled together.

A specially designed vibrating Dice Shaker throws the dice in land-based games, and our technology recreates the excitement of that perfectly. Wherever you are when you play, and whatever else is going on around you, you’ll feel like you’re sitting at a real-life tablet in a world-class casino. As soon as you’ve placed your wagers the results of the simulated dice roll will be determined, and you’ll be paid out according to what bet you placed and how much you put down in the first place.


Possible Sic Bo Wagers

The bets in this game cover all levels of risk and rewards:

  • One, Two and Three of a Kind wagers pay out if a pre-selected number appears on 1, 2 or 3 of the dice faces respectively
  • Any Three of a Kind wins if any number is seen on all 3 faces
  • Odd/Even Bets are not allowed on Any Three of a Kind wagers, and predict whether the dice total will be odd or even
  • Small and Big Bets say that the dice total will be Small (from 4 to 10) or Big (from 11 to 17), and also can’t be placed on Any 3 of a Kind stakes

Microgaming’s Sic Bo Enhancements

All of Microgaming’s exceptional offerings feature special extras to make playing them even better. Sic Bo is no exception, and the Statistics and Help sections will help develop your understanding and appreciation of the game very quickly.

With such a strong element of chance, the best thing to do is play Sic Bo for the potential thrill of winning big, but to understand that you have no real control over whether this happens or not. Never chase your losses, and set a budget before you start playing – the action moves so fast that when you are in it, losing track of what you’re spending is easy.

Try Sic Bo for Yourself

For quick games that will enhance any gambling line up, Sic Bo is hard to beat and out fantastic bonuses make it especially so! Download and install our software or register in your browser of choice and play the game yourself, and enjoy it free for no deposit or play for real money once you feel comfortable. You’ll soon see just how intriguing a few simple dice being thrown can be!