Easy Fun and Wins with Scratchcards

Also known as Scratchies in New Zealand, Scratchcards are simple, instant-win games that will add more entertainment to every Casino La Vida visit. They’re great between longer games, to warm up to or cool down from marathon gambling experiences, or just to play on their own.

A Little Scratchies History

The first Scratchcards were used as a fundraising tool for the government of Massachusetts, back in the 1970s. Since then, these games of scratching glue off a card to reveal a set of symbols that mat or may not indicate you have won a prize have been widely used in this way around the world.

The games operate on the same principles when you play them online, and at our casino all results are created using certified Random Number Generation. Together with engaging graphics and all the advantages that we always offer, the cards make for great entertainment.


How to Play Online

By clicking on a specific area of the card with your cursor, or tapping it with your finger if you’re using mobile device, you’ll reveal multiplier amounts or symbols; match a set amount of them to win big. One of the main differences between online and land-based Scratchies is that the rewards in the former are so much greater – which is nothing but good news for you.

You can only play one card at a time, but as soon as you’re finished you can buy another one. Your payout is determined according to what you wagered and the displayed icons that you reveal. Any returns that you win are automatically deposited into your casino account – gameplay really couldn’t be simpler. Check the Win Box to see the amount that you are actually walking away with.

Choose the Themes that Work for You

Since the basic structure and odds of these games are always so similar, a lot of your enjoyment will come from the clever themes that Microgaming uses in all the Scratchies that are supplied to us. In Foamy Fortunes, for example, you reveal your sudsy symbols by popping bubbles.

There’s plenty of choice at Casino La Vida, and you can see how much fun the creative designers at Microgaming had with the various motifs. Explore them all and find your favourites, the keep the instant-play games enjoyable even when you don’t win.

Other Useful Tips

Scratchcards are so chance-based that there really is no strategy to be developed for them; just enjoy holding your breath to see if you’ve won! What we do recommend is setting limits and finding a way to stick to them; the action moves so fast that it’s easy to lose your head and wager a lot more than you planned to.

In the same way, resist the urge to chase your losses. Trying to recoup them in a game with so many possible outcomes is a fool’s game. At the same time, bet as much as is safe for you because larger wagers mean larger wins. Remember to enjoy the games for themselves, and treat any payout as a pleasant surprise. You’ll get the most out of the games this way.