Glamourous Gambling with Online Roulette

Roulette is widely known as the King Of Casino Games, and for very good reason. Originating in France in the 18th century, the game is elegantly simple with myriad results. The online variations at Casino La Vida New Zealand are all developed and supplied by Microgaming, meaning you can trust that they are the very best of the best.

Basics and Variations

The game translates as “Little Wheel” in French, and a small spinning wheel is indeed at the heart of its action. In every round the wheel is spun and a small ivory ball is dropped onto it. The wheel is divided into panels, one of which has to be where the ball will end up once the spinning stops.

There are 36 panels coloured red and black alternately, and numbered from 1 to 36. In addition, there is a green panel numbered 0. The action in real-life games is perfectly recreated with top-class animations and certified Random Number Generation.


All you need to do is place your chips on the appropriate area of the table. After the game’s popularity, it spread to the rest of Europe and then to the brave new world of America. As a result, there are French, European and American games of Roulette played today. Casino La Vida offers fantastic variations of all of these.

Little Wheel Betting Options

Possible wagers are different in each game version, but they are always divided into Outside and Inside Bets depending on where they are found on the table. Outside options tend to be much simpler, with lower odds and payouts, and are a good place for beginners to start.

Outside Bets include Red/Black and Odd/Even punts, which are predictions on the colour and kind of number that the panel the ball ends up in will have, respectively. Their odds are nearly 50/50, and they return even money.

The house edge is stiffer in American Roulette games thanks to the addition of an extra green segment, numbered 00. For this reason, a French or European wheel is your best option as a new player. Choose the European option if you want to simplify things with fewer bets, and the French games if you want to take advantage of the La Partage rule which pays back half your even-money wagers if you lose.

Developing Your Strategy with Casino La Vida

The more you play Roulette, the more you’ll learn about various wagering strategies. There’s nothing you can do about where the ball lands; all you have influence over is the wagers that you place. Keep learning, and apply whatever you find out in our free games (playing as a guest rather than a signed in member) before you risk real cash for them.

We also offer advanced technology that shows you the Hot and Cold, or most-and least-drawn numbers, chosen by you in a specific game sitting. This can also help you to make decisions. Keep playing and improving and, with our exceptional quality, enjoying yourself from the first time you watch the wheel spin!