Win with Wondrous Keno at Casino La Vida

If you’re a keen Kiwi casino player, chances are you’ve also played a lottery game at least once. Lotto draws are incredibly popular across the globe, as they give you the chance to dream of winning life-changing jackpots and sailing into the sunset on your own personal cruise ship.

The most appealing part about lottery games is that, although small, there is a tangible chance that you might just hit the mega jackpot and have your life changed overnight. All you have to do is pick your lucky numbers and wait to see if you have won big… and if you love this concept, then we’re willing to bet that you will go crazy for our online Keno games here at Casino La Vida!

The Many Advantages of Keno Online

There are many advantages to playing Keno online, as well as many factors about this game that are different from your classic state lotto games. While online casinos can’t offer quite the same jackpots that these land-based lotteries do, we can offer you enticing jackpots and a host of convenient features to make winning on the go that much easier. Besides that, the odds of winning in our Keno games are actually higher than they are in lotteries, meaning that you have a better chance of grabbing our juicy jackpots if you start playing online now.

Another big benefit of our Keno games is that our draws take place far more frequently than lotto games’ as well. In fact, when you play at our online and mobile casinos, you have full control over when the draws take place, as your gaming experience with us is all about you. Online Keno is instant – all you need to do is select your wager, play it, and your winning numbers will be highlighted in seconds!

Simple, Profitable Fun for Everyone

While speaking about Keno’s benefits, it’s important to mention how easy it is to learn and to play. This makes the game absolutely perfect for beginners, although many a seasoned gaming veteran still enjoys a good game of Keno at least once a week. All you need to know is that each game allows you to choose your lucky numbers, called Spots, that you think will appear in the draw. Some of our intuitive Keno games even select these numbers for you using Random Number Generation, making it a truly instant winning experience.

In a classic game, you can make between 1 and 15 number picks depending on your stake, and your choices will open up different prizes to you should you win big. Essentially, both the number of Spots you play and how many of your numbers match with those in the draw will be counted in your final jackpot payout. In an online Keno draw, RNG will select 20 numbers between 1 and 80, and if you land enough matching Spots on your virtual ticket, you will go home a richer player in an instant!

Try Keno at Casino La Vida Now

With so much action in a convenient and lucrative format, our Keno games at Casino La Vida bring you the instant wins you need with themes and graphics to keep you entertained at all hours of the day. Our games are available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and all you have to do to enjoy them is to sign up at our world-class online casino and make your first deposit. Join us now and show off your Keno skills on your favourite computer, smartphone, or tablet!