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The earliest versions of Craps have an interesting, although somewhat conflicting history. Many believe that Craps date as far back as the Crusades, and others believe that it is based on the Arabic dice game called Al Dar. What we do know is that Craps has been a mainstay in the casino world for a long time, and that can only be a testament to how enjoyable it is.

The earlier version was known as Hazard, and the name Craps resulted from the French word crapaud, meaning toad. This was most likely as a reference to the way people crouched on the pavement when enjoying a game of street Craps. At Casino La Vida, you certainly will not be squatting like a toad to play, and the only hazard playing with us is how much fun you’ll have!

The Basic Principles of Craps

The aim of online Craps is to predict which numbers the dice will roll. The game is played in two phases, first the come-out phase, and then the point phase.

During the come-out phase, you will start by placing your bets on the pass line. The pass line bet is the most common Craps bet; it means that you are betting that the sum of the first roll of the dice, the come-out roll, will be seven or eleven.

In this phase if the dice roll a 2, a 3 or a 12 it is called a ‘Craps’, and if you bet on the pass line, it happens, but you lose. However, if the dice land on a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, it would be called ‘setting a point’ and the second phase of the game will begin.

The second phase is the points phase and during this part of the game, you want the dice to land on the point number that was rolled in the coming-out phase.

To add to the thrill of the game there are even more chances to win with the several side bets that can be placed throughout both phases of the game.

Craps The La Vida NZ Way

We have incorporated all the elements that make real table Craps so exciting into our online Craps games. But at Casino La Vida you won’t be vying for elbowroom as you would in a crowded casino. You can enjoy our extraordinary odds from wherever you choose, on desktop or mobile, and can join in the fun at your leisure.

The sheer quantity of bets available during a game of Craps means that you will find a bet suitable to your bankroll, as demonstrated by the games history it truly is a game for all.

Craps Superstitions

A game this old is bound to have a plethora of interesting superstitions to go along with it. You don’t have to believe, but since Craps is a game of luck, there is no harm in trying them out or simply entertaining your friends with some interesting Craps legends.

Lady Luck is a woman Craps virgin, meaning a woman who has not played Craps before is good luck!

It is believed that if you mention the number seven by name it will not come up in the coming out roll.

Many players believe in ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ tables and would seek them out in casinos.

Lucky for you our online Craps is controlled by our RNG’s, so there are no ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ games with us, just fair fun, safe play and many opportunities to win, the Casino La Vida way.