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Casual games are a sublime way to loosen up and de-stress. These exciting games rely on luck and not strategy, but are still interactive enough to keep you entertained. Just the thing for days where you want to sit back and let the entertainment do all the work!

Kashatoa, Keep Your Chips From Burning Up

Reminiscent of the arcade pinball machines from your younger days, Kashatoa offers you many fun ways to win. Once you have selected your bet size, the game starts by launching your chip at the volcano off a spring on the right side of the screen. Your chip will make its way down the volcano and land on either a multiplier situated at the bottom of the screen, or it will burn up in the fiery lava. Among the eight-multiplier pockets, there is also a ‘double up’ pocket. It can transform one chip into two, meaning your chances of winning will be doubled.

The Ancient Game Of Keno

If you are a lottery lover, then Keno is for you. The game is very similar to the lottery and so popular that it was able to fund the Great Wall of China! That, however, was a long time ago and the online version is much more exciting than choosing numbers on a bit of paper. You can still use your favourite numbers in online Keno and the board themes and displays are full of vibrant colour and celebratory audio. Just look out for the flashing numbers to see if you have won. The game is simple to play, you choose as many as 15 numbers between 1 and 80 on the Keno board, and our Random Number Generators will generate the winning numbers.

Where Keno differs most from the lottery is that the payouts aren’t based only on matching numbers but also how many numbers you played. Therefore, the more you play the more you win.


Electro Bingo Offers Electrifying Fun

Similarly, to regular Bingo online, Electro Bingo is also played on cards just a virtual version. Your task is to ‘daub’ your matching numbers as they are displayed on the screen with the click of your mouse, and once your pattern matches click ‘Bingo!’. Our Electro Bingo offers fixed odds and you can play as many as four boards at a time. Play for fun and practise or play real money for real money prizes - either way you’ll enjoy the exciting sounds and animations that go along with your game.

Casual Games The Casino La Vida Way

We really do have it all, a game for every mood and player. Our selection of casual games will keep you entertained while you relax and unwind, and are the perfect solution for days where the intensity of our more strategic games is not what you are after. Our casual games are so simple it’s impossible not to enjoy them, and they are all run using Random Number Generators, which means you’ll be treated to the safe and fair game play you are used to at Casino La Vida New Zealand.

Our sign-up process is secure and simple and will have you relaxing with our casual casino games in no time!