Keeping it casual at Casino La Vida

Start your casual affair with casual gaming: the super simple way to play online, with instant thrills and a flare for the colourful and even humourous. We offer a wide array of options to cater for any mood you may be in, including scratchcards, which are so wildly popular, they get their own special page. You can also enjoy bingo, Keno and other ingenious time-suckers online, such as the instantly-absorbing Crown and Anchor dice game, which will keep you rolling for hours.

Does casual gaming even require any skill?

Well, the whole point is that it doesn’t. Very little brainpower is needed to relish these fast and fun casual games, which makes them the ideal time-filler and an escapist’s treat.

Any moment of boredom you can think of can be immediately replaced with the instant-win allure of casino games like Kashatoa, Keno or Electro Bingo. Try your hand at all the various games and keep your bet low on each for long periods of casual fun; each one is super easy to learn and thus, easy to get wonderfully lost in. How far do you think a $750 free welcome bonus as a brand new player will get you?

What is online Keno all about?

Keno is a seriously popular lottery-style game that has travelled from ancient China – we’re talking the good ol’ days of The Great Wall of China’s construction – all the way into the modern, digital realms of online casual games. Simply pick one to 15 different numbers, or “spots,” between one and 80, and then a random number generator will pick 20 numbers. If you guessed a number or numbers that the generator picked, it will be called a “hit” and you’ll be paid out according to the multiplier on the paytable and relative to the bet you made. Pretty simple, huh? It’s as fun and more-ish as it is easy to play.

Ready for something more?

If you’re not quite in the mood to keep things casual here at Casino La Vida and would prefer something a bit more challenging, commit your time to some other types of games on offer:

  • Immerse yourself in our giant catalogue of online slot games.
  • Feel suave and sophisticated by playing our online table games.