Play Riveting Reel Slots at Casino La Vida

The Reel Slots at Casino La Vida

While the first thing that pops into most players’ minds when the term Reel or Classic slots comes up is a 3-reel machine, there are also 5- and even 7-reel games that fit into this category. They can sport 1, 3, or 5 rows, too, and you will find a wealth of them right here for your enjoyment. Look out for some of our most popular casino games in this group, including:

  • Retro Reels — Extreme Heat
  • Cherry Red
  • Diamond 7’s

We’ve got an excellent array on hand for you here, and these games can often make a perfect end to a long day, thanks to the simplicity of the gameplay and the fact that very little brainwork or strategy is required from you in order to start banking big wins. They make a nice change if you’ve been playing any of our Roulette, Blackjack, or Live Casino games too, and are very easy to enjoy on a range of mobile devices.

Find out for yourself why these games have remained in demand since their invention back in 1894, by Mr Charles Fey. The colours are cheerful, the designs have been optimised to perform perfectly on a range of devices, and the RNGs ensure that each outcome is 100% fair. Have some fun with Reel slots at our site and get winning!

Reel or Classic slots are the go-to game when it comes to gambling for many people. The straightforward act of lining up 3 cherries or lemons on 3-reel slots is as relaxing an experience as it is a potentially rewarding one, and the simple rules governing play bring a nostalgic enjoyment to play that is welcome in these more advanced times.

The Definition of a Reel Machine

This explanation will depend on whom you ask, but Reel slots are generally considered to be those which, although they make use of computerised reels, have been designed to resemble the slots games of yesteryear. They have straightforward paytables, and don’t feature bonuses or special symbols like Wilds or Scatters. As soon as you are playing a slots machine game that gives you the chance to take part in bonus levels, have stories which the gameplay is built around, and offer dozens, and sometimes even hundreds, of different paylines, you’ve entered Video slot territory.

How These Games Work

Reel slots games are essentially also Video slots machines in that they make use of what is known as Random Number Generator, or RNG, to decide which reels and which icons end up being displayed on your screen. The games offer much higher payouts than the original ones did back in the day, and there are far more combinations possible than there used to be, thanks to their being no physical limit as to how many symbols a game can contain. It’s the best of both worlds here at Casino La Vida: you get the simplicity of play and vivid designs of vintage games with the flawless functionality and bigger real money rewards of modern ones!