The Best Bingo Games at Casino La Vida

Bingo is a popular lottery-styled game that has been enjoyed by many for a number of years now, and its transition to the online world here at Casino La Vida has simply widened the player pool!

You will receive a card featuring a random selection of numbers, and the Random Number Generator software in place for our games will select the winning balls. These are then marked off according to the card/s you’re holding, and forming specific patterns on these gets you a prize.

Playing at Casino La Vida

The Microgaming Bingo games we offer you here at Casino La Vida are varied, and, thanks to the Play for Fun format we have available for them all, you can take the title you are interested in for a test run before risking any of your own cash on a game.

Microgaming’s reputation for reliability and trust is only paralleled by the innovation and high standards of their games, and this is why we are proud as punch to be able to invite you to enjoy top titles like:

Ballistic Bingo

This is a 90-ball game, and has a card consisting of playing lines marked out in a 9X3 grid. It has 3 different ways for you to win:

  • Filling all the numbers in 1 line
  • Filling all the numbers in 2 lines
  • Filling all the numbers on the card, or creating a Full House

Super Bonus Bingo

This is a modern cross game, and varies quite a lot from the other game variations we have here at Casino La Vida. The card has a 4X4 structure, and there are multiple ways to win. You can test out what this title calls for right here, for free, and find out if it suits your playing style!

Electro, Samba, and Mayan Bingo

These are games that feature 30 balls, and allow you to play out at much quicker speeds than what is standard. The cards for these titles are a simple 3X3 structure, and you will need to fill up the whole card in order to win.

Sign Up and Start Having Fun

The games we provide here at our site are made to suit every player’s personal preference, and each different budget, too. Whether you prefer high stakes games that have you on the edge of your seat, or like making smaller bets over longer periods of time, you’ll have no problem finding something to enjoy.

The fact that this game relies as heavily as it does on luck is what keeps players coming back for it, since it provides for a really relaxed playing experience that does not require vast efforts from you in order to win. If you’ve had a long day and just want to have a little fun, then these are just the thing.

We provide mobile access as well as the now more traditional PC platform, and offer our players rewards, bonuses, special offers and so much more. What are you waiting for? Signing up is a matter of moments, and you know you’ve got to be in it to win it!