Sic Bo For the Win

With its roots in ancient China, Sic Bo’s literal translation is ‘precious dice’ and precious they certainly are! Although Sic Bo online is played with virtual dice, every roll is still a chance to win. The layout of the table looks like Craps and the objective is to guess on which numbers the dice will land.

This game is widely played in Macau, ‘the Monte Carlo of the Orient’, and now you can experience all the excitement online with us.

How Does Sic Bo Work?

Sic Bo is played with 3 dice and once you have familiarised yourself with the bets, the game is easy to play. The brightly coloured table is laid out to show you where to put your chips and what bets you can place. There are many bets that can be placed, and you can place multiple bets at a time. The simpler bets include the big and small bets, where you are betting that the winning numbers will be big, between 11 and 17, or small, between 4 and 10. On a big/small bet you can expect a 1:1 pay-out. Where the payouts start to really get generous is on total value bets, where you predict the value of the 3 dice at 4 or 17, or a total of 5 or 16. The lower the odds the higher the payouts can be, as high as 60:1 in some cases.

In addition, correctly predicting a triple or a double also pays generous sums. Just like in Roulette - the simpler the bet, the higher the chance that the dice land on your numbers, but the more specific you are in your predictions the higher your payouts could be.

What to Expect from Online Sic Bo

In physical Sic Bo, the 3 dice would be put into a small cage or box and shook around by the dealer before he or she open the box to reveal the winning numbers. In online Sic Bo the virtual dice are shook and the number determined by our Random Number Generators. When the numbers are revealed the board lights up to show the winning spots, and if you bet on one of those, you win! So, while you are getting acquainted with the game we will make sure that you can see every win, every time.

We all know that real players make their own luck, therefor we have a few tips to improve your games. By placing lower paying bets that pay out more regularly, you improve your chances of winning to approximately 50%, but we understand that some may consider this boring. To add a bit more anticipation to your betting we recommend a good spread of the simple and complex bets.

Play Sic Bo At Casino La Vida Canada

Now that you know what the game is all about, sign up and give it a try. At La Vida, we guarantee you will receive safe play and fair pay-outs with our Random Number Generators. We also carry full licencing from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and are regulated by the MGA. Joining in the fun at Casino La Vida Canada couldn’t be easier, and you will get rewarded when you do, and for as long as you remain a loyal player too. Play Sic Bo with us and live the good life with every roll!