Riveting Reel Slots at Casino La Vida

Reel slots have been around since the late 1800s, but they remain one of the most exciting, and most well liked, forms of gambling there is. These games are characterised by the presence of a standard amount of reels, usually 3, and bright, bold symbols, like the Cherries, 7s, and Bars of Gold we so instantly associate with the game. They are simple to play, and offer hours of enjoyment and entertainment for relatively small bets. If you are on the hunt for a fun game based almost totally on luck, then call off the search! We’ve got reams of titles on hand at Casino La Vida Canada, all waiting for you to line up the symbols and collect your win. Signing up for your account will have you in the thick of the action in no time, and you can enjoy the games we’ve got in real money mode or simply Play for Fun.

The History of Reel Slots

The first Reel slots to make an appearance made use of mechanical reels which revolved in order to determine and display the results, which were limited thanks to there being only 3 symbols in use. Thanks to the technology we are able to employ these days, the Reel slot machine games you will be playing can have 1, 3, or 5 reels, a bigger range of symbols, and you can look forward to payouts occurring far more frequently than they used to, too.

Tips for Playing Slots at Casino La Vida

We like our players to have a good time whenever they pay us a visit, and these hints and tips will ensure that this is so the next time you pop in and spin the reels.

Reemeber to keep these nifty tips in mind:

  • Familiarise yourself with the payout percentages for the Reel slots game you are interested in. This covers the amount of money that the game has been designed to return to players over the long-term, and is also known as the RTP.
  • The higher the RTP, the more payouts you can look forward to as you spend time enjoying the game, so the benefits of exploring this aspect of the titles you are interested in playing is obvious.
  • Many Reel slot machines offer enhanced payouts, as well, and this is usually in the form of a jackpot awarded to players who are playing the maximum amount of coins on the maximum amount of paylines possible. This is particularly true for Progressives, so make sure you know what you need to do in order to win the big prize before your game begins.

Great Gaming from Anywhere

There are hundreds of slots for you to choose from at Casino La Vida Canada, and we’ve made sure that you can have fun and win money by means of your PC, your tablet, or your smartphone. There’s nothing better than a quick Reel slots game on the go, and you can look forward to the same levels of security, and the same great prizes, no matter where, or how, you happen to be logging in!