The Classic Game of Roulette Goes Live Online

Thought of as the King of Casino Games, everyone recognises royalty, and the Roulette wheel is no different. Legend has it that the inventor of the Roulette wheel sold his soul to the devil to gain its secrets, and that is the reason that the wheel’s numbers add up to 666. However he did it, Blaise Pascal is the man we must thank for the spectacular game of The Little Wheel. A game that has proven to be so popular it has hardly changed since it was introduced to commercial casinos in 18th Century!

Live the Live Roulette Life

It may be called the little wheel but there is nothing little about a game of live dealer Roulette at Casino La Vida Canada. Our live dealer Roulette is played on real Roulette wheels in sophisticated settings, and video streamed in real time to your screen. Your lovely dealer will manage your game and give you tips if required, but our online live Roulette follows the same rules of engagement as any other casino. This Roulette platform is for the player that wants to savour the experience. Using a real wheel and Roulette ball takes a bit more time, which results in more thrill and anticipation as you wait for the ball and wheel to come to a stop. All you need is a reasonable connection to the Internet and your dealer will take care of the rest. Our online Live Roulette is an experience so real, you can almost feel the felt of the table!

The Number 1 in Live Dealer Roulette

We have chosen Evolution Gaming as the software provider to compliment the La Vida life and online entertainment experience. Evolution Gaming is a leader in online live dealer software and has been since they started in 2006. With over twenty years of experience, their software provides the most realistic Roulette experience you can find. They take care of the Little Wheel while we take care of you. And the result? A partnership as distinguished as the game itself.


Engaging Entertainment

Not only are the dealers you will interact with gorgeous, but they are experts in their field too. Friendly and always willing to entertain, your Roulette dealers will keep you company via the live stream for the duration of your game. You also have the option of chatting to other players via the live chat feature. Build a rapport and maybe a friendship, or throw around some polite banter to add a bit of competition to your game, but if you prefer to play distraction free, other than your dealer of course, simply switch the chat feature off.

Live Roulette the La Vida Canada Way

The number one bet you can place is to bet on us, Casino La Vida Canada. Your enjoyment is our passion and we have made that passion our priority. We deliver on our passions using innovative software, live streaming and the highest calibre dealers. In addition, you can experience this all on any device, using the same single log in detail you signed up with.

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