Exceptional Online Live Dealer Blackjack

The origins of the game of Blackjack are still unclear, but it seems we have the French to thank for quite a few of our most popular games, including this one. Believed to have emerged in the sophisticated French casinos of the 1700’s, Blackjack as we know it today was once called Vingt-et-Un - which when translated means Twenty-One. The game of Twenty-One is fast becoming a firm favourite and now you can have the best of both worlds. A live table game, with a real-life dealer, without having to stray from your computer or mobile device!

The Ultimate Blackjack Games Live

Casino La Vida's live Blackjack is one of the flagship games on offer from Evolution Gaming. They have been an industry leader since their inception in 2006, and continue to provide exceptional live entertainment year after year. Evolution Gaming’s innovation is what sets them apart, and it’s delivered to your screen using the newest and most cutting edge technology. The Evolution Gaming dealers are gorgeous and are trained to deliver a premier Blackjack experience. The live video is streamed from our opulent table settings suggestive of the type of high roller establishment that you can only access with an invitation. In addition, the crisp audio ensures that you can converse with your lovely dealer in real time and pick up a few hints and tips too. All of this is available in multiple languages, so you can enjoy your game in the language of your choice. It does not get much more exclusive than having access to your own real-life dealer, in your mother tongue, anytime day or night.

Experience More At Casino La Vida Canada

We ensure you receive so much more than the best dealers and slick software. Our rewards and bonuses are designed to compliment your playing. Whether you are a new player or seasoned guest you will enjoy special bonuses and regular promotions that will enhance your live game play.

Even More Live Blackjack Enhancements

To make your Live Blackjack games even more rewarding we have added a wealth of extra special features. We have betting options to fit every bankroll and a few creative extras like side bets to enhance your game. The side bets run independently from your main hand giving you even more chances to win. The rich side betting options include 21+3 and Perfect Pair bets. To win the extra payouts on a Perfect Pair bet, your first two cards need to be a mixed, colour or perfect pair. If you fancy Poker-like play, the 21+3 bet is for you, as this bet involves a plethora of Poker combinations based on your first two cards and the Dealers open card.

Since Blackjack is one of the most sought-after table games we offer, we have a little something to keep you entertained if you find all seven seats at the table are occupied. The Bet Behind feature allows you to bet on other players at a table, so you can cash in on another players hot streak by keeping tabs on the monitor display, which will show you which players are on a run.

Multiple Options for Faster Action

Our Blackjack tables also allow you to Double Down, Split, and we have Insurance bets too. If you find yourself strapped for time or just do not feel like waiting, the Pre-Decision option lets you decide in advance how to play your hand, no waiting for another player to make their moves. Our Live table games are fast paced, action packed and fun, giving you many opportunities to win. So, settle in and let the Blackjack table come to you.