Baccarat Goes Live at Casino La Vida

Every Baccarat table oozes sophistication and elegance to bring your imagination to life with images of refined players enjoying the pure luxury of simply betting against luck. Baccarat has a rich history, and has been immortalised in movies and TV shows alike, but it is the essence of the game that truly makes it a true indulgence. A table game believed to be reserved for high rollers and royalty, our live dealer tables are not for the fearful, but for the daring, and we have a seat for any player bold enough to challenge Lady Luck!

The Basics of Live Baccarat

Much of Baccarats popularity comes from the fact that it is shrouded in mystery. Our live dealer Baccarat won’t take away the mystery, but it will certainly lift the veil enough for you to enjoy the game. Baccarat’s aim is to speculate whether the Bankers hand or Players hand will win. Although it is probably not what you expect, the hands are not associated with you and the house but rather the two sets of cards dealt are simply named the Player and the Banker. Neither you, the dealer nor the house can change the outcome once the cards are on the table.

Who Are The Player and The Banker?

Once you understand the hands, an entire world of Baccarat opens. A winning hand would be whichever hand is closest to 9, and to determine the value of a hand the card values are added together to get a total. However, the maximum points a hand can be worth is 9. Therefor if the card total is in the double digits, only the last digit is used as the point value. As an example, a hand dealt 2 cards, a 4 and a 7 (4+7=11) would only be valued at 1.

Numbered cards are worth whatever their number is, the face cards, Jack, Queen and King are worth 0, as is a 10, and Aces are counted as 1. You can expect a 1:1 payout when you choose the winning hand, but if you are looking for something more daring, you should bet on a tie. It doesn’t happen often but when it does you get a huge 8:1 return.

Evolution Gaming Leads The Way

There are a few providers of live dealer software online, but none have the same claim to being the industry leader as Evolution Gaming. They are the expert creators behind the cutting-edge software that powers our live dealer table games, and their real-life dealers are experts too. Attractive and more than competent, they have been trained to deliver a premier live Baccarat experience directly to your screen, and they do so from multiple camera angles in real time. The dealers are there to interact with you in the language of your choice; you can relax and enjoy your game. As a testament to the leading technology created by Evolution Gaming, you can even perform the famous Baccarat squeeze, yourself.

Casino La Vida’s Best Baccarat

The excellence of our live dealer games are matched only by the service you will receive. Log in and experience the La Vida service you expect from Canada’s leading live casino.