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There's a reason that Keno is one of the most popular casino games in the world, and if you don’t know why yet; it’s time to find out. Keno attracts thousands of Canadian players daily, drawing in fortune seekers with it’s incredibly easy way to understand rules, and many chances to rake in big prizes. Don’t know how to play Keno yet? Don’t worry - it’s as easy as could possibly be, putting you head to head against lady luck, otherwise known as a Random Number Generator, or RNG, if you want to be fancy about it. Let’s learn more about how exactly online Keno works.

How To Play Online Keno

Before we get to the playing Keno part, let’s first take a moment to acknowledge just how amazing a game it is. And no, not just because it’s tons of fun. Keno is said to have originated in ancient China, and, astonishingly, has been used to fund the building of the Great Wall of China. Impressive, given that Keno is simply a variation of lottery games. Who would have guessed lottery games could build a giant wall?

In order to start your Keno playing, the first step is to select numbers from those offered. Keep in mind that you may select any numbers you like, up to 15, from the 80 that are provided. If you’re feeling lucky and want to select just a single number, that’s great, but remember that the more numbers you bet on, the better the chances of winning.



We’ll get more into strategies later, though. Once your numbers have been selected, the play button can be selected. The software will now get to work and select 20 numbers at random. This is that fancy RNG we were talking about. Depending on how many of the 20 numbers you’ve guessed correctly, you’ll get paid out. It’s as easy as that. Luck wins the day when playing Keno.

Keno Playing Strategies

Keno is largely a game about being lucky. But, that doesn’t mean that strategic approaches can’t be taken. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that Keno is a game of balance. The temptation is great to bet on as many numbers as possible, and this does indeed raise the chances of matches being made. But, of course, the more bets made, the more money must be put down up front. If you take into consideration that making just 5 bets, and winning on 4 is more profitable than making twenty bets, and winning on ten of them, you start to get the picture. Keep in mind that the game is all about luck, and accept the wins and losses as they come. Remember, sometimes you’re just lucky, and sometimes you’re not. Its all part of the awesome online Keno experience at Casino La Vida.

Live It Up with Online Keno

Good luck, and remember that you can play casino games online at Casino La Vida right in your desktop browser, or on your mobile device, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The fun never stops with us!