Keeping it Casual with Games at Casino La Vida

You would be forgiven for wondering what exactly so-called casual games are, since gambling as a form of entertainment is, for the most part, not enjoyed solely by professionals! We’re all casual players, so what games count in this group?

Many games, especially the ever-popular slots titles, have been designed to provide as much entertainment in the Play for Fun mode we offer as they do when there’s a real money reward on the line. But there is a big market for games that are a little more basic than even the most vintage-styled Reel slots game is, but isn’t exactly a slot, or a table game. Casual games are created for fast play, and frequently have low stakes attached, and, for the most part, rely far more on luck than on any actual game strategy or skill.

Captivating Keno Games

While the actual origins of Keno are said to be in Ancient China, the name itself is derived from a French word. If the stories are true, then we’ve got this game of number selection to thank for the Great Wall of China, and even if they aren’t we can have a good time playing!

Keno is most definitely one of the casual games wherein Lady Luck is the final decider, and there is very little you can do except hold your thumbs and enjoy the fun. The board has 80 numbers on it, of which you will need to choose a certain amount, usually between 1 and 15. The Random Software Generators running the game then select numbers from the same pool, usually 20, and if any of your Spots, or numbers, match, or Hit, you will win a payout.

Sizzling Scratch Card Fun

Many of us will be familiar with the corner-store versions of the Scratch Cards that we can now all enjoy online, and they’ll bring back fond memories of rushing back to the point of purchase to collect a win when 3 matching symbols were uncovered. It’s all much easier to do these days, and you will virtually scratch the panels’ coverings at Casino La Vida Canada, and collect your winnings as per the payouts outlined for the title you’ve chosen.

The Best Bingo Games

The Bingo casual games you can enjoy here at our site have very little in common with the popular image of the game as rendered in various films and television shows. You will find players of all ages trying their luck at any time of day or night, and the graphics and innovative action our titles provide have to be seen to be believed. The social aspect is not lost either, since you can make use of the Live Chat function in order to engage with your fellow players, and there are some pretty hefty prizes available for lucky players too.

Have we convinced you to try out the casual games we’ve got here for you to start playing? Give them a go as soon as you can, and find out why they’re as popular as they are. They offer relaxed entertainment and stress-free wins, and can be played from anywhere, on anything!