Bring your blackjack best

Blackjack is revered world-wide as the most popular of the table games. It’s loved for how easy it is to learn as well as the fact that it deals amazing odds to the player. Also, it makes you look incredibly suave and sophisticated. The best part? You can take this suave and sophisticated new look on-the-go because online blackjack is conveniently available to play on your mobile device (a word of advice: rather don’t shout “hit me!” while enjoying blackjack on your phone out in public). Plus, you can even bring your$750 free to the table as a new player to kick start the blackjack magic.

Don’t know how to play? We won’t stand for that

First of all, if you want to ace blackjack, just keep one thing in mind while play this casino game: the number 21 is your best friend. Reach 21 – or close enough to it – by adding up your cards and try to beat the dealer.

As far as values for each card goes, they will be the normal face value, except for Jacks, Queens and Kings which have a value of 10. Aces can be either a one or an 11, depending on what you need the most to have a better hand.

  1. Pick your bet by selecting the chips on the table – they’ll come in increments of your choosing after which you’ll need to click on the table to go up an increment each time.
  2. Click Deal and get your two cards. The dealer will receive one card.
  3. Click Hit one or more times if you feel you’re not close enough to the 21 mark. Alternatively, click Stand if you feel you are.
  4. If the next card you receive adds your hand up to over 21, then your cards will be taken away and you’ll lose the hand. If you clicked Stand and the dealer manages to get a hand closer to 21, then you’ll also lose the hand. However, if the dealer doesn’t quite cut it or you make it to 21 first – you’ll win! Hooray!
  5. The quickest way to win online blackjack is to receive a king and an ace as your first cards – if you receive these, the dealer won’t even have a turn!