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Casino La Vida offers their players the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of online casino without ever having to download the software. This convenient feature allows for players to open up a Instant Play version of the casino in their web browsers. Making use of the Flash Casino will follow the same registration process as the conventional downloadable casino.

Click here to open up the Flash Casino and play instantly

Though the instant play option appears to be more convenient and accessible, the downside to playing in Flash rather than downloading the casino is that you will not have full access to Casino La Vida’s broad spectrum of games. Casino La Vida boasts a wide arrangement of over 450 exceptional internet casino games, but this is only available to those who download the full casino to their computers. The flash casino still operates with a selection of some of the premium games on offer, and will still be more than worth your while.

Opening the Flash Casino

Should you wish to open the Flash casino in your browser, you will need to install the Microgaming Flash Casino Helper ActiveX control. This small download will assist you in using the casino software. When you choose to use the instant play casino, a pop up (displayed below) will appear asking you whether or not you want to install the add-on. You can be guaranteed that it is from a trusted site and it will not negatively affect the running of your PC.

Simply click on the message and another pop up will prompt you to make a selection from three different options (as displayed below):

You will need to select “Install ActiveX Control” to be able to run the Flash Casino.

After you have clicked on the “Install ActiveX Control,” another dialogue box will open up providing you with the Internet Explorer Security Warning. It is basically double checking that you would like to install the Microgaming Software (as displayed below). As mentioned before, the software is from a reputable and trusted source and it will not negatively impact your PC. So when you see this box you need to click on "Install."

After clicking on "Install," you might have to wait some time before the control is completely installed and all the add-ons have been updated to your computer. Once that is done, all you need do is click on the Reload Flash Casino link and you are on your way to many pleasurable days of casino entertainment.

Click here to open up the Flash Casino and play instantly

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